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    Meet the people building the software you love.

    The ReadME Project amplifies the voices of the developer community:
    the maintainers, leaders, and teams whose contributions move the world forward every day. Learn more

    Featured Topic

    Black in Tech

    Honoring the achievements, journeys, and challenges of the Black tech community.

    Angie Jones // applitools

    My differences are my superpowers

    Angie makes a point to stay empathetic, share her knowledge, and give back to the community.

    Brian Douglas // open-sauced

    Taking a chance on others, and yourself

    Bdougie on the pivotal (often heartbreaking) moments that led him to find his true calling.

    Safia Abdalla // nteract

    Dream big, and follow through even bigger

    Safia leverages her position as a maintainer to empower underrepresented contributors

    Stories by topic

    Community Stories

    Meet the maintainers and developers whose contributions move the open source world forward every day.

    Picture of Caleb Porzio
    Picture of Gina H?u?ge
    Picture of Nick DeJesus
    Picture of Shikha Mishra

    Caleb Porzio


    Laravel Livewire


    Buffalo, NY

    Gina H?u?ge




    Obertshausen, Germany

    Nick DeJesus




    Boston, MA

    Shikha Mishra




    Lucknow, India

    Feature Articles

    Stories showcasing the projects and people building on GitHub to solve the world’s most intractable problems.

    Feature Story

    Veterans mobilize to help each other break into tech

    Veterans face significant barriers to getting into tech. So they’re tapping their greatest resource: each other.

    Community Contributions

    Expert developers and teams share best practices in software engineering, collaboration, and culture.

    The ReadME Project

    About The ReadME Project

    Coding is usually seen as a solitary activity, but it’s actually the world’s largest community effort led by open source maintainers, contributors, and teams. These unsung heroes put in long hours to build software, fix issues, field questions, and manage communities.

    The ReadME Project is part of GitHub’s ongoing effort to amplify the voices of the developer community. It’s an evolving space to engage with the community and explore the stories, challenges, technology, and culture that surround the world of open source.

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